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A brief introduction of China HOLRY on the spindle motor

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Spindle motor

The spindle motor of the CNC is a high-speed motor. CNC spindles are compatible with many industrial 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers, CNC mills and robots. CNC motors are used in manufacturing plants for cutting plastic, wood, metal, foam and composite materials. Spindle motors are available in a variety of cooling methods, including air cooling, air cooling, and liquid cooling. ATC router spindle motor options include HSK and ISO quick change motors. ER collet spindles are also available. CNC spindle motors range from 3 hp (2.2 kw) to 24 hp (18 kw) and beyond.

Spindle motor application industry

Video of CNC Spindle Motor

CNC Spindle Motor Service

If you want to repair the spindle motor or replace the existing CNC spindle motor, please contact us now WhatsAPP:+86 13646117381. We can quickly quote prices, availability and lead times. When ordering a spindle motor for a new application, our skilled CNC router engineers can specify the correct combination of spindle motor and VFD for the application.

Holry Spindle Motor Type

Spindle Motor Delivery Times and Availability

Lead times and availability of spindle motors vary by up to one year. Motors in stock can be shipped within a day or two. Out of stock motor lead time may be from 4-6 weeks. We recommend keeping spare CNC spindle motors on the shelf to avoid costly downtime.

1. Small deformation

The use of a rare earth permanent magnet structure in the motor rotor minimizes spindle deformation. As there is no excitation current, the rotor generates less heat, resulting in excellent axial stability of the spindle and high precision in the workpiece being machined.

2. Small transmission error

The main drive chain of the machine tool has zero length, thus reducing transmission error. The motor directly drives the spindle, eliminating transmission error, reducing spindle vibration, and improving the surface finish of the workpiece.

3. The surface finish of the workpiece is greatly improved

The motor's superior speed and hardness characteristics significantly improve the surface finish of the workpiece. The motor exhibits high rotational stability under load fluctuations, leading to a substantial improvement in the surface finish of the workpiece.

4. Rear direct drive structure design, flexible power configuration

The rear direct-drive structure design allows for flexible power configuration. The motor is located at the rear of the spindle, and its power can be matched to the spindle's size and length. This design is highly flexible and can be used in various applications with radial space limitations.

5. High power and torque

The rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor structure provides high power and torque. With a high power density and torque density compared to an asynchronous motor, the motor's power and torque can be increased by one level for the same volume. This is because the rotor does not require excitation current, resulting in significantly larger torque for the same power output.

Holry Spindle Motor Advantages

CNC spindle motor Support customization

We work hard to keep our customers on track. Our goal is to minimize any production downtime. All our spindle motors support customization, air-cooled spindle motors, water-cooled spindle motors, chucks (ER11, ER20, ER25, ER32) can be customized, if you have any questions, please call us directly +86 13646117381 or on our website Send us a message on.

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