Brushless Motor

NEMA17-42×42MM Brushless Motor
NEMA17-42×42MM Brushless Motor
NEMA23-57×57MM Brushless Motor
NEMA23-57×57MM Brushless Motor
NEMA24-60×60MM Brushless Motor
NEMA24-60×60MM Brushless Motor
NEMA32-80×80MM Brushless Motor
NEMA32-80×80MM Brushless Motor
NEMA34-86×86MM Brushless Motor - HOLRY
NEMA34-86×86MM Brushless Motor
NEMA45-110×110MM Brushless Motor - HOLRY-MOTORS
NEMA42-110×110MM Brushless Motor

Brief Description of Brushless Motor

High Quality Motors Manufacturing At Scale

Key to our successful manufacturing of quality Motors covering products lies in state-of-the-art production processes and facilities as well as experienced employees.
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Changzhou Holry Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, China, which has developed economy and convenient transportation.

At HOLRY MOTOR, we have extensive expertise in the design and production of brushless DC motors (BLDC), and offer a diverse product line that includes standard NEMA-sized BLDC motors, as well as servo motors, spindle motors, and other specialized options. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality and performance of our BLDC motors. Whether you need off-the-shelf motors or customized solutions, HOLRY MOTOR has the knowledge and resources to fulfill your requirements.

Our products have received good reputation at home and abroad! At present, they are mainly exported to more than 60 countries such as USA, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, etc.

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Our Advantages

1.Years of expertise in research, development, design and production of premium brushless motor solutions.
2.We have successfully undergone ISO 9001 factory audit, ensuring our manufacturing facility meets the highest quality standards. Our products are certified, including commonly held certificates such as CE and others.
3.We offer comprehensive one-stop OEM and ODM services, where we can assist in cost reduction or develop competitive products tailored to your specific needs.

Brief Description of Brushless Motor

●Adapt to harsh environments,high consumption efficiency,highefficiency energy saving and environmental protection,more than 80%;
●Using earth terrain, high conduction and low volume,good dynamic response;
●Three-phase sine wave,with excellent low-speed design characteristics
●Low noise, maintenance-free,longlife;

Introduction to the stator part of the brushless motor

1. The stator is divided into a single-piece stator and a whole stator. The single-piece stator needs to be wound separately for each piece, and the whole nail can be directly wound as a whole. Put the frame in the slot of the stator, pay attention to the position of the outlet of the stock price, and ensure that the notch on the wiring side is placed in the middle of any plane of the stator.
2. The stator with wound wires needs to be paralleled according to the drawings. After the wires are connected, the wires should be tied (to protect the wires from being squeezed or damaged), and then the stator should be shrunk.
3. The stator that has been heat-fitted is connected to the wiring step, and the wiring needs to be carried out according to the requirements of the customer or the requirements on the drawing.
4. The stator that has been connected according to the requirements needs to be tested, and the stator is connected to the test machine to test whether the resistance and inductance meet the standard.
5. The tested stator is assembled and put into the transfer box for standby.

Introduction to the rotor part of the brushless motor

1.  Glue the shaft and rotor of the brushless motor and wait for the spare.

2.  Classify the magnetic steel (N grade, S grade), stick it on the rotor with glue, NSNSNS/SNSNSN, and stick the magnetic steel on the rotor steel sleeve.

3.  Test the dynamic balance of the rotor (in order for the rotor to run smoothly), the tested rotor and stator are assembled, the wave pad is placed on the front cover, and the rear cover does not need a wave pad.

4.  When installing the Hall, it needs to be installed according to the steering requirements of the customer or the drawing, installed on the rear output shaft of the motor, and finally debug the waveform.

5.  After the motor is completely installed, it is necessary to test the whole machine with the driver, adjust the speed to the maximum, check whether the motor is running smoothly, noise, temperature rise, etc.

Introduction of Brushless Motor

Brushless motors are widely used in industries such as AI intelligence, automobiles, medical equipment, and industrial automation due to their long life, low noise, and high torque. Because of their different specifications and types, how to choose a brushless motor depends on It is very important to meet product performance requirements. In this article, we will introduce several principles for selecting brushless motors.

Brushless motor is also a kind of equipment commonly used in industrial production in recent years. There are many models of this equipment to choose from on the market. The models of the products are different, but the others are the same. What about suitable electrical equipment?

The structural specifications of brushless motors include planetary gearboxes, cylindrical gearboxes, parallel spur gearboxes, and worm gearboxes;

The material level is divided into metal structure and plastic structure; the power level is divided into high-power and low-power brushless motors.

1. Determine the motor’s use path, application scenario, environmental requirements, working temperature and other factors before purchasing.

2. First determine what kind of motor is needed, such as low power, high torque, low speed, noise, power, parameters and other power and performance requirements.

3. Determine the torsion stone, installation method and maintenance method of the output shaft.

4. Determine the rotation speed and reduction ratio of the input transmission shaft.

5. Select a brushless motor according to the size of the flange of the machine. If the output shaft drags the hammer insufficiently, return to 2 and re-match.

Brushless motors of different specifications and models have different usage territories and usage characteristics. Therefore, we must understand our own needs clearly before purchasing, and do not buy blindly.

Features of brushless motors

1.Brushless, low interference

The brushless motor removes the brush, and the most direct change is that there is no electric spark generated when the brushed motor is running, which greatly reduces the interference of electric sparks on remote control radio equipment.

2.Low noise and smooth operation

There are no brushes in the brushless motor, the friction force is greatly reduced during operation, the operation is smooth, and the noise will be much lower. This advantage is a huge support for the stability of the model operation.

3.Long life and low maintenance cost

Without the brush, the wear of the brushless motor is mainly on the bearing. From a mechanical point of view, the brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor. When necessary, only some dust removal maintenance is required.

HOLRY Brushless Motor

Selection of brushless motor

In the case that we can adjust the power supply and voltage of the product, we need to choose a brushless motor with a corresponding torque, speed and product corresponding to the rated value according to the actual situation. We can get the required speed by changing the voltage. When the power supply voltage is fixed and the brushless motor that directly matches cannot be selected, we can first select the appropriate specification according to the torque. The product voltage and speed can be used as an appropriate adjustment.

Power selection of brushless motor

The maximum output power of the motor is limited. If the power of the brushless motor is too small and the load exceeds the rated output power, the motor will be overloaded. When overloaded, the motor will heat up, vibrate, the speed will drop, and the sound will be abnormal, which is serious. When overloaded, the motor will be burned. And if the power is too large, it will cause economic waste. Therefore, it is very important to choose the power of the motor reasonably.

APPlication of brushless motor

Brief Introduction of Technical Characteristics

General Technical Characteristics

Applicable environmental characteristics: The motor can meet the rated output power at an Altitude of not more than 1000 meters at 5~+40Cand normalpressurePower lossat40~+50Cthe altitude is more than 1000 meters,and the power is reduced by 1.5%for everyadditional 100 meters Power-off brake(optional):When the motor is de-energized or suddenly powered offthe brake works to keep the motor shaft from rotating to avoid personal injury or equipment damage.Bearingcharacteristics: All DC brushless motors adoptimported single-row double-sided dust-proof ball bearings,high and low temperature grease,and ther lifespan is not less than 20000 hours under normal load conditions.

Electrical Technical Characteristic

Electrical Technology includes servers to avoid interference and int erference from external electromagnetic equipmentand requires good shielding measures.Toprevent high-frequency interference, strictly separate wires and qround wires and cannot be lowered.The connection line of the personal and device must be a shielded line,and its reactance capacity is more than 50pF/m,and the position feedback information should not beless than 120pF/m.

Mechanical Technical Characteristics

Motor housing can avoid motor is forbidden to clean the surface of the mechanism during the operation of the mechanism to avoid injuryThe Brushless motor must ensure the concentricity of the load shaft system and the motor shaft during the installation process to prevent the motor shaft from breaking and damaging the load mechanism.lf the shaft end of the motor is equipped with synchronous belt wheels,gears helical gears and planetary gears,it must be checked with reference to the technical parameters of the motor's axial(Fa)and radial(Fr) loads to avoid damage to the motor the verification standards are as follows: The diameters of synchronous belt wheels, gears helical gears and planetary gears dmin≥2Tm.Tm is the peak torque of the Brushless motor.

Description Of Storage And Transportation

Storage temperature:-25~+55℃no freezing;relative humidity:5%~95% no condensation; keep away from corrosive,flammable gas,oil dropletsand dust.Transportation: The packaging should not be heavy,handle with care.

Naming Rules

60 BLDC 2 0 30 A PL10 N B 01
60 DCmotor basecode ―33,42,57,60,80,86,110,130 mm
BLDC Brushless DC Motor
2 Driver input voltage 1--12VDC /2 --24VDC /3--36 VDC /4--48 V DC /5- -220VAC(50/60Hz) /6-- 220VAC(50/60Hz)
0 Ratedpower x10(W)
30 Rated speed x100(30x100=3000)rpm
A Motor Type
PL10 Planetaryreducer1:10
N No sense(No Hall element)
B B -Brake device
01 Derivative number

Brushless Motor FAQ

  • Q Differences between brushed and brushless DC motors?

    To keep the shaft of a DC motor rotating in the same direction, there is a need for a mechanism to switch the direction of the electric current flow once every half-rotation (a process called "commutation").  Brushed DC motors achieve this by mechanical means, using a commutator and brushes.
    However, because this mechanism relies on the brushes and commutator remaining in electrical contact as the shaft rotates, these parts tend to wear from friction over extended use.  In other words, they are consumable parts and require periodic maintenance.  Another problem is that this continuous electrical contact generates both electrical and acoustic noise.
    In contrast, brushless DC motors eliminate the need for brushes and commutator by instead incorporating an electronic circuit that detects the angular position of the shaft.  This also eliminates the associated maintenance, and reduce noise.
  • Q What is the difference between AC and DC brushless motor?

    A Brushless DC motors are similar to AC synchronous motors.  The major difference is that synchronous motors develop a sinusoidal back EMF, as compared to a rectangular, or trapezoidal, back EMF for brushless DC motors.  Both have stator created rotating magnetic fields producing torque in a magnetic rotor.
  • Q Which is better brushless vs brushed motor?

    A Brushless motors have significantly higher efficiency and performance, and a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear than their brushed counterparts.  Brushless motors offer several other advantages, including: Higher torque to weight ratio.  Increased torque per watt of power input (increased efficiency)
  • Q Why brushless motor is faster?

    A Brushless motors solve the limitations of brushed motors, providing much higher output power, smaller size and weight, better heat dissipation and efficiency, wider operating speed ranges, and very low electrical noise operation.  When it comes to torque and power, brushless motors can't be beat.
  • Q Why is a brushless motor better?

    A Because there are no brushes rubbing against anything, no energy is lost due to friction.  That means brushless motors are more energy-efficient than brushed drills and can run on batteries for up to 50 percent longer.
  • Q what is a brushless motor?

    A brushless motor is an electric motor that operates without the use of brushes. It uses a series of magnets and electronically controlled commutation to produce rotational force. Unlike traditional electric motors, which use brushes and a commutator to switch the current direction and keep the rotor turning, brushless motors use electronic circuitry to control the rotation of the motor.
    Because there are no brushes to wear out, brushless motors are more efficient, reliable and have longer lifespans compared to brushed motors. They are commonly used in applications where high power and efficiency are required, such as in drones, electric vehicles, industrial machinery, and power tools. However, brushless motors are generally more expensive than brushed motors due to their advanced design and complexity.

    Types of Brushless Motor are:

Brushless Motor Download

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80BLDC100-44030-14J - Brushless Motor.pdf

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86BLDC80-43030-14J - Brushless Motor.pdf

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70BLDC86-41630-14J - Brushless Motor.pdf

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70BLDC86-21630-14J - Brushless Motor.pdf

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60BLDC140-44030-14J - Brushless Motor.pdf

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60BLDC78-41030-14J - Brushless Motor.pdf

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57BLDC115-21430-8B - Brushless Motor.pdf

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60BLDC99-42030-14J - Brushless Motor.pdf

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57BLDC95-21030-8B - Brushless Motor.pdf

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