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ATC Spindle Motor

ATC spindle motor is the short name Automatic tools change spindle motor , some call it ATC spindle .  It’s design to meet the high speed and complex machining requirements .  When a cnc machine or cnc router equipped with the ATC spindle motor  it can enhance 3-5 times efficiency .

Spindle Motor ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) complete range of CNC spindle Motor is known for providing Higher precision and Proficient Performance in machining processes.

ATC Spindle Motors provide higher accuracy and the performances are aligned with higher stability and compactness, thus making them suitable for applications where automatic tool changing with multiple tools changing a frequency is very high.

Our complete portfolio of ATC Spindle Motors, spindles ranges from 12000 rpm and 60000 rpm with high precision spindle bearings such as ceramic bearings and steel bearings. ATC Spindle Motor can use different tools automatically without human intervention.

With a wider portfolio of applications being implemented into such as PCB Drilling Machine, Die Mold Machine, Jewellary Making Machine, Wood Carving Machine, Stone Carving Machine, CNC Machining Centers, and Denture Making Machine.

Known for better service and a diversified team of experienced Team Individuals, HOLRY do Look forward to creating a unique experience in Motorized Spindle Motor.、

HOLRY is ATC Spindle Motors Manufacturers & Suppliers in china.

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We specialize in providing you with high-quality automatic tool change ATC spindles and related accessories.  We support a global fast delivery service for your order.  And you can visit our website at any time and get referrals for ATC Spindle Motor friends and family you need.

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