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Introduction Of Precision Linear Guide Slide Module

Introduction of Linear Module

A linear module is a mechanical device that is used to create motion in a straight line. It is often used in automated systems and machinery to precisely move objects or tools along a fixed path. The module typically consists of a linear rail and a carriage that slides along the rail, powered by a motor or other actuation mechanism. Linear modules are designed for high precision, high speed, and high load capacities, and are often used in manufacturing, packaging, and assembly processes. They are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit various applications and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

The sliding table of the precision linear slide module adopts SBR high load-bearing guide rail (between the two guide rails) structure, which has high precision and good mechanical activity. The frame structure of the precision linear slide module slide table, such as the bottom plate, front and rear plates, moves The panel is made of 6061, 6063 aluminum alloy with lightweight and high hardness, which has small thermal deformation and high feed stability, thus ensuring the actual accuracy of the processing state (under load) within the error accuracy of 0.05 to 0.03mm. So TH20-57 precision Linear sliding table module sliding table is an ideal component to achieve high precision and flexibility. It is widely used in numerical control and automation.
The load on the sliding table of the precision linear slide module is generally 150-200kg, so the production efficiency is relatively high, and the load capacity is large. The best and ideal part of the TH20-57 precision linear slide module slide is used to Machining small workpieces. The characteristics of lightness and good positioning of work finishing are suitable for the horizontal plane, vertical plane, inclined plane, T-slot, various combined planes, and boring processing occasions of small and medium-sized parts.
The sliding table of the precision linear sliding table module is easy to maintain and easy to maintain. Regular maintenance can reduce wear, maintain accuracy and extend the life of the sliding table. The sliding table is equipped with a telescopic protective cover to keep the sliding table screw rod clean, and the screw rod is lubricated and protected. Conducive to normal use in environments with high dust, high humidity, and high oil pollution.
The precision linear slide module slide table is relatively in terms of installation and use. The slide table has a counterbore position reserved for customers to install M6, which is convenient for customers to install and use the slide table horizontally and vertically.

Advantages of Linear Module

In the field of automation, except for its high economy and adaptability, linear modules also have the characteristics of easy installation, high positioning accuracy, high load and high speed, etc., enable it stand out among many automation products. So What is the charm of this popular linear module?
1.High guiding accuracy
The moving parts can move accurately in the process of linear and other mutual position movement. The linear module has strict requirements on the guiding accuracy of the guide rail during cutting work or zero load status. The main factors affecting the guiding accuracy include manufacturing accuracy, structural form, rigidity and thermal deformation of the guide rail and its support, etc.
2.Good wear resistance
The linear module can maintain certain guiding accuracy during long-term use. This is its wear resistance. There will be abrasion during the operation of the guide rail for sure, and Gigager’s linear module strives to reduce this loss.
3.Sufficient rigidity
The various components need sufficient rigidity to support and stabilize under stress, and in order to reduce the influence of the force, there is corresponding treatment for the linear module to improve its rigidity.
4.Smooth movement at low speed
The linear module should be as light as possible, and there is no crawling when moving at low speed. Gigager guarantee that our linear modules run smoothly at low speeds.
5.Simple structure and good manufacturability
The linear module not only has strong applicability, but also has simple structure and good manufacturability. These advantages make it very convenient for manufacturing and maintenance, and it is also easy for users to adjust and maintain during use.

Application Overview Of Precision Linear Guide Slide Module

H20-57 precision linear sliding table mold: With stable structure, high-cost performance, high working accuracy, flexible application, strong adaptability, it is widely used in intelligent chemical factories, mechanical equipment, electric tools, electronic products. Rubber products, steel, power plants, Plumbing equipment, Wujinjiaodian, thermal insulation materials, building materials (except hazardous chemicals), coal, office supplies, environmental testing, sand and gravel, valves, plastic products, environmental protection equipment, archaeology, coke, fire-fighting equipment, mineral products (except national Specially controlled products), auto parts, mine electromechanical equipment and accessories, electrical appliances, daily necessities.

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