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Know the wood before choosing the engraving equipment | HOLTY ATC Spindle Motor

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It depends on the materials - HOLRY ATC Spindle Motor

We have many customers from the furniture manufacturing industry.   Sometimes, some customers will ask us what types of ATC spindles for furniture engraving are more suitable for their production.

One of the most important factors before choosing an automatic tool change spindle is what type of material you want to engrave.   Each material has unique properties.   As long as you understand the nature of the materials you need, it’s easy to make the right choices.

So today I am interested in talking about some of my understanding of wood materials:

First, wood is roughly divided into two types: hardwood and softwood.

Most of the materials manufactured in furniture products are made from softwood.   But softwood does not mean it must be “soft”, a small portion of softwood is even harder than many hardwoods.

Hardwoods are also used in the manufacture of furniture, such as decks, floors and building components that require harder parts.   However, trees with hardwood properties grow slower, so they are usually more expensive for production.   Also, hardwood has greater fire resistance than softwood.

Characteristics of several hardwoods and softwoods:


1) Yew – its straight lines are easier to process and are well resistant to decay.   It is harder than many hardwoods.

2) Cedar – The unique aroma is what makes it special.   But because it has many knots, it does not meet many furniture manufacturing needs.

3) Pine – lighter in color.   It has strong resistance to shrinkage and lighter weight.


1) Oak – The biggest feature is heavy and hard.   This kind of wood is less cracked.   Because of its beautiful ring pattern, it is more suitable for the manufacture of furniture items with a unique appearance.

2) Birch – lighter in color and somewhat wavy in texture.   Of course it is very stiff.

3) Maple – one of the hardest trees, especially suitable for furniture that requires durability.   Also, it is well resistant to electric shock.

These are just some of the things I know about wood.   But only by understanding the nature of the material, we will consider how to choose the machine (ATC spindle) parameters, such as power, speed, torque, etc., when choosing a manufacturing tool.   Of course, for the knowledge of wood, most of the customers in the woodworking industry are definitely more professional than me.   I will learn more from them and I hope that you and I will discuss more.

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