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High Quality BLDC Motors-24V Brushless DC Motors

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Brushless Motor Manufacturers in 2023

What Is a Brushless Motor?

Brushless motors are compact, powerful and efficient, and have a long service life. Compared with the traditional DC motor, the current of the brushless motor is proportional to the torque, and the voltage is proportional to the speed. Compared with AC motors, brushless motors combine the advantages of both, and have high efficiency and a wide speed range.

The working principle of the brushless motor is to control the direction and magnitude of the current through the electronic circuit to realize the rotation of the rotor. Since brushless motors do not involve mechanically contacting parts, there is no spark or noise, low friction loss and high smooth running.

Brushless motors are used in a wide variety of fields, from computers to home appliances, from industrial equipment to the automotive industry. Its features include high-efficiency conversion, fast response, high reliability, and low maintenance costs. In addition, the brushless motor can also achieve energy saving and precise control through frequency conversion speed regulation, improving the performance and efficiency of the system.

Video of 24V brushless motors

The video shows a simple test video of 42 brushless motors and reducer devices. Each of our brushless motors can be operated with a corresponding brushless driver and reducer device. If you are interested, please do not hesitate , contact us now! Here we recommend the 42 brushless motor and the 57 brushless motor. These two motors are relatively popular products. Of course, the 86 brushless motor is also a good choice. If you are not sure about the motor selection of your equipment If you want to type, you can also contact us, we support customized services, and can also choose the right motor for you.


Feature of brushless motors

Stable speed control

The 24V brushless motor can continuously set the speed and adjust the voltage applied to the motor by comparing with the feedback signal of the motor speed. Therefore, even if the load changes, the set speed can still be adjusted instantaneously from a slow speed to a steady running speed.

Thin profile, high power

This three-phase DC motor adopts a permanent magnet brushless motor rotor, which realizes a thin profile design and high power output capability.

Wide speed regulation range

Compared with speed regulation AC motors and frequency converters, 500W brushless motors have a wider speed regulation range. Since the brushless motor has no torque limit at low speed, it can be applied to various stages from low speed to high speed without requiring additional torque.

Energy-saving advantages

The brushless motor uses permanent magnets as the rotor, which can reduce the secondary loss of the rotor, so the power consumption is more than 20% lower than that of the three-phase asynchronous motor. Moreover, the use of frequency conversion speed regulation technology can effectively save energy.

Protection function

The high-speed BLDC motor has a protection function, which can help to protect the safety of the equipment system.

Classification of brushless motors

The following shows the selection of our different brushless motors. If you are preparing for a high-precision, high-speed motor, brushless motors are also a good choice. If you want to know more information, you can also contact us directly. E-mail: The following is the general classification of brushless motors. According to these categories, we subdivide each model of brushless motors, and subdivide them according to the size of the motor. Among them, the power and speed of the motor are different. , our brand is HOLRY MOTOR, contact us now!

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