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Stepper Motor Drivers and Controllers

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Introduction of stepper motor driver

HS86 is a digital hybrid stepping servo drive, launched by Interlink Technology Co., Ltd. The driver adopts the latest 32-bit DSP control technology and integrates the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol specification. Through the host computer debugging software, users can set multiple parameters such as 200-40000, which greatly enhances the practical functions of the product and can meet various application requirements.

The control principle of the stepper motor drive

The HS86 driver adopts the servo-level control principle, which is compatible with the dual advantages of open-loop stepping and servo systems. It solves the problem of open-loop out-of-step, while significantly improving the performance of the stepping system, reducing heat generation and low-speed vibration of the motor. Compared with the traditional servo system, the HS86 drive is easier to debug, and has the advantages of fast start and stop, no vibration at stop, etc. In addition, it is small in size, low in cost and high in cost performance, and is suitable for various small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments, such as engraving machines, marking machines, cutting machines, plotters, CNC machine tools, automatic assembly equipment, etc.

Features of the HS86 driver

1. With serial port debugging function

2. Brand new 32-bit DSP technology

3. Small size, easy installation

4. Can drive 4, 6, 8 wire two-phase stepping motor

5. Optically isolated differential signal input

6. built-in microscope

7. Subdivision setting range 200-40000

8. Impulse response frequency up to 200KHz (higher adjustable)

9. The current can be set arbitrarily between 0.1-3.5A

10. Precise current control greatly reduces motor heating

11. Low vibration and low noise

12. Quiescent current is automatically halved

13. With overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and other protection functions

The HS86 driver works particularly well for applications requiring low noise, high speed equipment.

Control signal mode setting of stepper motor driver

Pulse trigger edge selection: The pulse rising edge or falling edge trigger can be set through the host computer software.

Connection requirements of stepper motor driver

1) In order to prevent the interference of the driver, it is recommended to use shielded cables for control signals, and the shielding layer should be shorted to the ground wire. Except for special requirements, the shielded wire of the control signal cable is grounded at one end: one end of the shielded wire is grounded, and one end of the shielded wire is suspended. The same ground can only be the same ground. If the machine does not have a real ground wire, serious interference may occur if the shielding layer is not connected.

2) The pulse and direction signal wires and the motor wires are not allowed to be wrapped side by side, preferably at least 10cm apart, otherwise the motor noise will easily interfere with the pulse direction signal, resulting in inaccurate motor positioning, system instability and other faults.

3) If one power supply is used by multiple drives, the power supply should be connected in parallel, and it is not allowed to connect in parallel first.

4) It is strictly forbidden to unplug the strong current terminal of the driver with power on. When the live motor stops, there will still be a large current flowing in the coil. Pulling out a terminal while live can cause a huge momentary inductive electric drive to burn out the drive.

5) It is not forbidden to tin-plate the wire head on the terminal, otherwise the terminal may be overheated due to high contact resistance.

6) The wiring head must not be exposed on the terminal to prevent accidental short circuit.

Video of stepper motor driver

In the video, we have shown different types of drivers. If you are interested, you can contact us at any time. We can provide customized services. If you are not sure which driver to choose for your equipment, we can also use the parameters you give us. information for your selection.


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