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Brushless Motor Manufacturer in 2023

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Introduction of brushless motor manufacturers

In this article, we will discuss the importance of brushless motor manufacturers, and the article will discuss from the following aspects:

The importance of brushless motor manufacturers

Manufacturers of brushless motors play an important role in modern industry as brushless motors have become the basis for many applications. The task of brushless motor manufacturers is to design, manufacture and sell high-quality, high-efficiency brushless motors to meet the needs of different industries.

Brushless motor manufacturers often partner with companies in other industries to develop custom brushless motors to meet the specific needs of those companies. Manufacturers of brushless motors could partner with automakers to power electric vehicles, with medical device makers to power medical devices, and with appliance makers to power home appliances.

Application of brushless motor

Brushless motors are used in a wide variety of industries, some of these applications include:

Aerospace: Brushless motors are used in powertrains of aircraft and drones.

Medical Equipment: Brushless motors are used in medical equipment such as scalpels and diagnostic equipment.

Industrial automation: Brushless motors are used in various industrial automation applications such as robots, automated production lines, and automated warehousing systems. 

Advantages of brushless motor

Compared with traditional brushed motors, brushless motors have the following advantages:

1. High efficiency

Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors because they have no frictional losses and wear on the brushes.

2. Low noise

Brushless motors have no brushes and are therefore less noisy.

3. Long life

Brushless motors have no brushes and thus have a longer life.

4. High precision

Because brushless motors have higher control precision, they can be used in applications that require higher control precision.

Principle of Brushless Motors

Brushless motors are composed of a rotor, stator, sensor for detecting rotor position, and a driver circuit for motor control.

1. Rotor and Stator

The rotor in a brushless motor contains a permanent magnet that creates a magnetic field, while the stator comprises coils that generate a magnetic flux. By altering the current direction flowing through the stator coils as per the rotor's rotation angle, the direction of the magnetic flux is changed. Brushless motors do not use brushes or commutators to switch the magnetic flux direction; instead, they utilize sensors and semiconductor switches.

2. Rotor Rotation Position Detection

Sensors such as Hall ICs, optical encoders, or back EMF detection are employed to determine the rotor's rotational position. The rotor's position is detected, and the current direction is changed to produce a rotating magnetic field in the stator. In the case of a 3-phase motor winding, three sensors are positioned within the stator, and digital signals are generated based on the rotor's rotation.

3. Drive Driver

To control the brushless motor as a power source, an inverter circuit driver is required. The inverter consists of six transistors connected to the motor winding, and a switching transistor is used to control the power supply. The commercial power supply is rectified by a diode bridge to convert it to DC voltage, which is then supplied to the inverter circuit.

The inverter circuit receives digital signals from the rotor position sensor, which turn the inverter power supply ON and OFF. This power is then provided to the motor windings to drive the motor. The rotor's magnetic pole angle is detected by combining signals from the sensors, and the transistors of the windings requiring torque are regulated to create a rotating magnetic field.

The motor's rotational speed is determined from the sensor signals and fed back to the control circuit to maintain a specified speed.

Classification of brushless motor

The following shows the selection of our different brushless motors. If you are preparing for a high-precision, high-speed motor, brushless motors are also a good choice. If you want to know more information, you can also contact us directly. E-mail:

Brushless Motor Manufacturer Video

HOLRY MOTOR, as a motor manufacturer, has specialized in motor manufacturing for more than ten years. We are also a factory specializing in the production of brushless motors. Brushless motors are also a type of motor, also known as Yongcheng synchronous motor. It is a motor with high efficiency, low noise, brushless commutation, and no maintenance. We have professional knowledge and skills in the production and sales of brushless motors, whose products are widely used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, home appliances, industrial automation, etc.

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