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Explanation of motor | Disc permanent magnet DC motor

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The axial size of the disk type permanent magnet motor is small and the shape is like a disk. Generally, the direction of the air gap magnetic field between the stator and the rotor of the motor is the meridional direction, while the direction of the air gap magnetic field of the disc motor is the axial direction. Except the direction of the magnetic field is different, the working principle is the same as that of the ordinary motor.

The following describes the structure of a disk-type permanent magnet DC motor, which is a quadrupole DC motor and four fan-shaped permanent magnets

Sector permanent magnet pole

The four fan-shaped permanent magnet poles are mounted on the main end cover, which is the stator yoke.

The main end cover and top end cover are made of steel with good magnetic conductivity, and the two end covers form a good magnetic circuit after closing.

There is a working air gap between the magnetic pole and the upper end cover, and the direction of the magnetic field between the air gap is axial. The blue magnetic field line in the figure below shows the direction of the magnetic circuit and the magnetic field.

The flat disk rotor rotates between the air gap between the magnetic pole and the upper end cover. The rotor coil is a planar sector winding, as shown in the figure below

The rotor of the motor adopts the structure of no iron core, the coil is encapsulated in the insulation material, pressed into a disk shape, forming a disk rotor without iron core, the insulation material can contain polyester glass fiber plastic or phenolic plastic, etc. There is a change in the middle of the disc rotor

This machine adopts plane commutator, fan-shaped commutator is laid flat on the same plane, as a circular ring. The brush is installed in the brush grip, and there is a spring in the brush grip to press the brush to the commutator. The brush grip is installed on the main end cover.

The disk-like rotor is installed on the rotating shaft, and then installed in the air gap of the frame, so that the rotor can rotate freely in the air gap,

Because the rotor has no iron core, the inductance is small, and the reversing spark is small, the key is very suitable for the occasions where thin motor is needed.

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